Learn whether an extramarital affair can impact spousal support in California.

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We may have to relocate. A month after this post, he got a job. A good one. Do not give up on him, on hope. If your husband is trying to do something- small jobs, helping with the kids, going to school, then be patient. If they are in a dark place, pray for them and your family that he comes out of it. My husband has been out of a full time job for 6. He is a scientist and had no interest in switching to a teaching career.

He does a few hour tutor work here and there after I nag him time after time after time. I have to say I have a lot of resentment towards him because I basically become the main breadwinner with no say. He always talks about enjoying life, money is only a tool, blah blah blah but all because he knows I make good money with my job and I have no choice but to support him.

I was brought up in a traditional family, with the father being the provider. So this has been tremendously difficult for me but he does not care. He still has his hobby, staying up late to watch TV, while I am so stressed about my job, waking up at 6. Omg im miss y. My fiance.. Has been unemployed for 3 and half years.. Since we first pretty much start dating.. During the 3 years yes he had some free lance jobs or temp jobs …but nothing that lasts more then months at a time.. Or even a year. His unemployment ran out last year..

Ive been the bread winner for the longest time. Paying rent paying bills. I work in retail been with the same place since the store open.. Esp now we are expecting that makes it 10 times more hard.. Its just not us to worry about its the baby too.. He going to college now for his ba. He just got his a. But the jobs that are offer to him are day jobs he will start back to school on aug 27 morning to at night..

Yes he gets loans out but loans wont cover us for long.. Its annoying he wont do retail we wont do food. Im suppose to be supported.. Of him its hard too really is.. I have no clue what is going to happen really dont.. When the baby is born.. I get told if he does work its going be on the weekends.. You can close.. He had a job recently and quit cause he was getting no hours.. Well at least it was some money coming in.. Some what help.. I have every right to be.. He Needs to grow up And start looking.. I hope when he is done with college.. Hell understand that not every one gets a job in the area of study….

He chose to drink,surf the internet which my kids need to complete schoolwork and lie on the couch. Dishes filling up the sink.. He and kids lost health insurance and he spent up all of the severance. I cannot pay all our bills. If we are evicted Im taking the kids and leaving. He knows better. And will not get help for depression and alcoholism. I hear you and you are absolutely not alone. For as long as you have to deal with the unemployment monster, I hope that you give yourself space and time to find ways to take care of yourself.

Despite how it can feel at times, you and your family are incredibly strong to have survived a year and a half in the stress of unemployment. It must be so hard for anybody to be going through this…its one thing going through an economical difficulty but what is tougher is that you cannot even shout at your partner…you cannot ask them to go take a hike!

It must be so tough. Its like we have to get them to work but at the same time cannot be rude to them…utter confusion and I have no idea how someone in such a situation would react and do things! Nobody ever thinks of how unemployment affects those who are living it. You think, oh just go get a job anything will do and that is not the way it is. Plus I think people look at your resume and realize you are way overqualified and will not even give you a second glance.

So it is tough from a lot of different standpoints. Did you even read the article? Have you even read these comments? He plays this game: I applied for four jobs today…. I am ready to move on and I told him. Sick sick sick of abusive moochers. Attitude can have a lot to do with it as well.

These places love serving up heaping helpings of humble pie and doing all that they can to damage the ego of someone with a high and mighty attitude to bring them down a couple of pegs. They realize that you are probably going to feel like Tom Brady hypothetically being rejected by The Cleveland Browns and this is how they want you to feel, shocked, in disbelief and hurt.

With reason! You are not alone. My live-in boyfriend has been unemployed for two years, so I totally understand where many of you are coming from. Try doing that and having no time to yourself because suddenly they are there all. Oh yea and try being supportive when u know they walked out on their job. Without first finding Another. For the second time. Just saying…the supportive partner needs support too. Hi Luzy, how is your situation going? During this time his worked full time twice, both jobs last just one year each, and he left both jobs of his own accord.

Same about the house — he does just enough to stop me throwing him out. I do worry though, unemployment is causing a huge social problem, with the robot age approaching I worry about the plight of society as a whole. I feel bad for both the unemployed and the one supporting the unemployed. I have been in both places.

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One thing I figured out long ago was to always be frugal through the prosperous times just in case it does not last, hope for the best- expect the worst. Now that I am unemployed, those savings are taking care of me. However the partners I have been with had a different mentality- earn a dollar, spend a dollar. I ended up taking care of them when they were unemployed. When I became unemployed never told them I had savings they bolted pretty fast thinking they would have to pay bills. You have to look after yourself first, and never hook up with someone who does not try to carry their own weight so to speak.

We have been together almost 10 years and have a 6 year old daughter who is an angel. I also have 2 children from my first marriage. I have been emotionally and financially supportive, I have lost my family home, I have put up with infidelity one which culminated with him getting a criminal record which means he stands no chance of getting any job in the current UK economic climate!!

He also has a family which might as well not exist. Thank you for your post — its still relevent! I guess what I am now contemplating is situational issues vs. I am historically an optimist and therefore like to believe in the great and wonderful potential I see, yet at the same time feel like my needs, and myself, have fallen by the wayside in the midst of this unemployment depression veil. Its very difficult to be the supporting partner when there is not support coming back.

At this juncture, I need financial support from him, but would probably find my endurance to be much better if coupled with emotional support. Somehow I feel like I have disappeared in his issues and that I could fall flat on my face on his watch without notice. This goes beyond support during hard times, I fear. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My husband has been unemployed for 18 months.

He is now 51 and never been unemployed before. It is a big shock especially at a time when we have teenagers who have physical and educational needs that need to be financially met. I really find it hard to believe too. Despite this I have started to look at returning to the classroom. I find it hard not to be angry at my husband. My parents are always making suggestions which is frustrating as my husband has tried most of their suggestions already to no avail.

Sometimes my husband talks about starting up a business but the ideas are so pathetic I feel that we would just lose money then I feel guilty for not being supportive. I just want this nightmare to end when my husband finally gets a job. I deeply sympathise with you. My husband has been only unemployed for half a year and it is already drained my resources. We have no savings due to spending a lot of money repairing our apartment after a major leak in the roof.

Insurance refused to pay and we had to fork out about 30 thousand pounds fixing the apartment to make it livable, let a lone sellable. Case is with insurance adjudication since I thankfully have a job, and keep us going. We have no kids because my husband is infertile. He also refused that I have a kid with a donor. So here I am with a husband who does not work, watches football most of,the time, and keeps sending cvs when after half a year it is apparent this is not going to work.

I have health problems which make full time work, and also training afterwards, very hard. But I keep struggling even though I am exhausted. On Friday I am so tired I just fall asleep and all Saturday just try to pull myself together after a other gruelling week at work. I am employed in private sector where everyone works practically 2 FTEs and gets paid for one.

When I come home exhausted I have to study too for my post grad training. Watching my husband do nothing, except for maybe spending an hour on the pc sending cvs really bothers me. When I try to encourage him to change his strategy, he says he knows what he is doing. He also refused to claim benefits for fear this will affect his credit rating.

He has money for another 2 mortgage payments and I have saved up for about 1 mortgage. I am so exhausted with my relentless pace of work I am ready to quit for health reasons, but who will pay the bills? My partner has been unemployed for almost a year. We have a little baby, thank God for breast milk otherwise my poor child will be starving.

He spend most of his time on the internet watching you tube videos. I am so fed up of my situation, I want to take my one and only son for swimming lesson but I cant. The most annoying thing is when he s got some money, he spend it on expensive wines. I am loosing the will to live. Hi Star, Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are going through a rough time, and we want to make sure you have resources that can help. If you feel like you are in crisis, and are located in the US, there are several nationwide services, hotlines, and clinics that can offer support specific to your situation.

You can also use GoodTherapy. Must be nice coming home. He is just using me I feel like. I feel ya. I lost my full time job but found a part time job that barely pays the bills. Every penny is spent on his two ungrateful gimme gimme gimme girls. He watches porn most of day then has the audacity to call me names and criticize everything I do. He claims he applies for work but I doubt that. I work in retail and yeah, the job sucks but I do what I have to do. Omg, I am seriously there with you ladies! I hope your situations have gotten better! I just want to yell at him! Which we lived on there property in a guest house for 4 years!

Sorry not sorry papi. I feel for the people commenting here, I am currently in a similar situation. My partner of ten years walked out of her job two years ago without finding another job first. Instead she generally sleeps till noon, watches tv all day and does minimal housework or job hunting. My wife worked about 5 years of our over 8 year marriage. She seemed to quit looking at the moment and when I confront her about work or money problems she tells me things I can do to get out money up. I worked 2 and 3 jobs our whole marriage and the bills are getting harder to pay.

She has worked about 15days on the last two years doing odd jobs but no permanent job. She has taken a course but has put off taking her state exam over the last few months. I am in a similar situation as my boyfriend has been unemployed for about 9 months. Added to this he lost his father this year which was understandably difficult. I have tried to be supportive and be positive and encouraging as well as needing to be firm. It also threatens our relationship as my outbursts make both of us feel worse.

My work can be quite stressful and I feel there is no reward which makes me unhappy. I am feeling pretty jaded! There is no sign of marriage or kids, so I am in limbo. Like Chris said above, it has helped to vent for a little while and thoughts are with everyone for a brighter future. Seven years ago, my wife and I were married. I also had a good job and everything was looking great. But after less than a year of teaching she was completely burnt out. I had no idea when we gor married that anythign like that was even possible, but I love my wife and stood by her, even as she tearfully admitted to herself and to me that she could never be a teacher.

That was 6 years ago. About 4 years ago she tried to enter another field which required money for school. She promised me that it was something she could do and would finish. A few years ago we had our first baby, which was and remains the most wonderful person in our lives. But, the stress of the last 6 years has been getting to me. When we got married, I never invisioned having to carry us by myself for this long. When do I get to be carried around for a while! Six years of carrying is too long! I need someone to take some of this burden from me, without forcing me to go begging to my parents!

I know these are terrible thoughts, and I try my best not to let them out to her, but they are there. She spent a lot of money to take a course and get certified in something she said she had a real passion for, and could start a business with, and I supported the decision. Then she spent the next 8 months adjusting the fonts on her website before giving up on that too. As though that gives her permission to quit!

I wish I had the luxury of quitting every time I got tired or bored or frustrated, and I hate myself for providing that luxury to her. We recently discovered that a bank account that was supposed to be closed a long time ago has been open and silently accruing fees. I got so angry. What the hell else is she doing all day? So betrayed. And yet she wants new furniture, better clothes, trips to Hawaii… then gives me a hard time for buying a little something off Amazon for myself.

I wish I could just quit and pursue my own interests and business ideas but I feel trapped by my obligations to feed her and her ungrateful kid. My female partner and I have been together for over 2 years and in that time she has been employed for one or two weeks. I am 21, and she just turned I work full time in customer service. She has her high school certificate and has done part of a Bachelors degree.

I dropped out of high school, but have never been out of a job and have big aspirations for study. I was at work and she told me she was clean and had an outfit picked out, waiting for the call…. After I got home that night she still needed to have a shower, and there was no outfit anywhere to be found…. How much longer do I wait before I can start living life for myself a little? Am I being taken advantage of? Technically, I wasted time and was still able to graduate on time.

My bf is 26 and no degree and no job. I love him but all of this is kind of turning me off. Hi Janet, i think your boyfriend and mine are cut from the same cloth, mine hates going out too!!! We just broke up last night and I feel this amazing wave of relief and at the same time having been with the same guy for 5 years is equally devastating. I have been supporting my boyfriend for nearly 4 years. He lives with anxiety and depression and is unable to work, despite several attempts over the years.

I work a very basic job and just manage to pay the bills each month. It has been over 3 years since my husband lost his job. Three months after we got married he got fired from his job. I was supportive of him and was positive that he would find something else. He goes on interviews but never gets hired. He got a job thru a temp agency, went 1 day and quit.

He has never helped me pay a bill or the rent. Sometimes he suffers from depression but I just believe he has a drinking problem. He sits at home all day drinking beer. I have become bitter, angry, resentful, and depressed. I used to always be happy til he came into my life. I do love him but I feel my love fading. I was given notice on my job six months ago that I was being laid off. I told him this the same day that August 1 was my last day and this gives him six months to find a job.

He still has no job and sits on his butt drinking. I tried talking to him about my feelings and concerns and nothing changes. I think he just wants to live on my unemployment which is not enough for rent, bills and food. Everyone keeps telling me to leave him but I do feel sorry for him. I just wish I had enough courage to leave him. I have read all of your comments and I can relate to most of them. I am a 39 year old woman and I am in love with a 30 year old man. He moved in a few months ago with me….. He is actively looking it seems. But I feel as you all do. How much longer do I give it?

My clock is ticking so loudly now. Obviously no financial support…. I need to see how our relationship is with him working. I am now going to make an alternative plan that does not include him, as a back up. And I am wondering whether I should also tell him soon, to go back to his parents place, get himself sorted out and then if he still wants me, to come back and we can move forward.

Yes, we are talking about it and we both know we want it, but there is no firm plan. I am 50, in good shape, have a great job, own my house. Took care of my son up until he moved out at His father died when my son was 10 so I had no options to not work hard, develop myself for fear of us being homeless or living with my parents.

I built myself into a career and have a very supportive work environment. I met this guy last July. He had gotten into meth and had family drama. He traveled for year doing consulting work for 1 client. Eventually, that fell apart. I fell in love with him and after a couple of months asked him to move in. He codes, I have seen him and he works all night learning and building his website. I believe in his skills. I was OK and understanding until this last week. And promptly blew it. Again, he goes off in text to this guy.

I am now having all the same thoughts that I read through this great thread. How long do I wait? He does help around the house, handyman stuff, kitchen. Cooks once in awhile. But, like the others stated, gets up late, stays up late, smokes pot. Yes, I buy it for him once a month legally and he goes through it in a week. I have been ok with this arrangement until this last bit when I saw him act so unprofessionally.

Part of me wants to believe something will come. Like every woman on this thread, I am tired of carrying the financial burden of what feels like a 2nd child. He is 10 years younger than me. After my son left, I wanted to be free of caring for another and yet here I am. My heart is breaking because I find myself thinking what if he never ever gets hired or gets a client for web work? How long do I let this go on?

All I can say…is this sucks. I think you already know your answer. We all do—those of us carrying the burden of caring for a bum—know what we ought to do to be free, only to face the other challenge of actually breaking it off. But you, my friend, are free because you can put yourself first by putting him out. Yes, that sounds cold, but are you happy dealing with this for now until infinity?

I foolishly thought I could deal with his ways, but I was so wrong. This is an old topic, but I need some support from somewhere. So, my husband and I moved to a new state 2 years ago, and the job we thought he would have had through a staffing agency fell through. One job for 6 months, and another job for another 6 months from which he recently got fired in April.

I had to prod him to apply for unemployment, and when he got denied, I had to scream at him to apply for an appeal. So, the statute of limitations has passed, thus, no appeal. He is driving me crazy! He has turned into a man-child, basically, clinging to me because he has no friends and family in town, glad when I have a day off and wants to spend all his time with me, when I need time to myself!

He has been on interviews, but has received no job offers. That may be due to him or his references saying bad things about him, so he changed his list of references. Our marriage is in the toilet, and I am also suicidal and unhappy. We may have to move back to his home state because it seems a bit easier to get work. While I am seemingly flourishing here, he is drowning in isolation, unemployment, debt, and depression, and clinging to me like a kid. I have to go to the laundromat or wait until he gets an interview to get some time alone.

Where do unemployed men get the audacity to cheat?

Please help if you can!! Thank you for your comment. We wanted to provide links to some resources that may be relevant to you here. The best thing I could say is leave him. Married 17 years have 1 child in High School. Husband works for a union in the city. He is always laid off.

Normally he works 3 to 4 months a year. It goes way beyond loosing unemployment. We have lost our house because of the inconsistency. He has no skills expect tying steel wire. This gas been going on now for ten years. I work a dump job, do all the cooking, pay all the bills, take care of son. I have wanted to leave many times. I just want a salary every week. I am 52 years old and tired. Please any suggestions? My boyfriend of two and a half years- has not worked. I make all the money. He makes no money but his excuse is that he has to complete our movie in order to concentrate on finding a stable job- making money.

Movie is now in Post Production. He is looking for work- no luck so far. He tells me I should be more understanding since what he is doing for us is worth millions. Yes- he is working hard on our action movie but there are other film makers whom also work to make their dreams come true.

Partners of Unemployed People: Take Care of Yourself

I pay for all the bills- all our production cost etc. I ask a couple of questions and he says the same thing promoting our movie. He has read all my emails and drives me crazy about my past. He gets extremely jealous. I really want to leave him at times but when I try; he begs- he acts suicidal- he will make me feel horrible because he tells me no one can ever love you the way I do. One more thing. His family is incredible. He says all that is coming as soon as I can take care of us. My spouse has been unemployed for four years. He had a great job for 12 years and then the company moved.

He turned down the job they offered him and its been a rollercoaster since. He played away his time on a severance package instead of looking for work or retraining, for a year. Constantly reassuring him. Neither have worked. He only recently started filling out applications again and he puts primary childcare provider to explain his employment gaps.

I want to scream and yell! I had the opportunity to advance at work. He doesnt want me to go for another promotion. The same thing happened at my previous job. No support from him meant I had to turn down the promotion I wanted and planned on retiring from.

He lays in bed all day watching Youtube or Netflix. Stays up late at night. I feel like I have an extra child not a husband. If we have it he will find some way to spend it.

source Hes gained quite a bit of weight and says our house is making him sick. Its the laying in bed all day. He has gotten marginally better at being a dad. I keep my complaints to myself and keep trying to be uplifting but its hard. He expects me to cook him a full meal when he does get up and expects me to jump on him for sex every day. I feel so trapped and alone most days. I try to take care of myself but he gets pouty and jealous if I seem to be trying to do so.

However, I made a vow. I want our kids to be raised in a two parent home. I still want a life with him but not sure how to even go from here. His father was much the same way and I know how unhappy and financially destitute his parents are. It is somewhat relieving to know that I am not alone.

I think that I am quickly reaching the end of my rope with by DH who has been unemployed for 2 years, going on the 3rd year now. I feel and think that I have been very patient. Patient through him not getting right on it after he lost his job — waiting close to 8 months before starting his search. Then there were the next 8 months spent on getting a credential — much to the exclusion of an active job search.

You have a wife and children. Maybe because getting a job requires a fulltime commitment — not just working on it when you feel like it or how you feel like it. But we are in a situation that requires all hands on deck with the job search. And, one more btw I have a job that requires a lot. Hi Rose. I understand how you feel exactly and am going out of my mind at the moment with not a clue how to right things. My boyfriend of a decade has been unemployed or part time employed fir the last four years, currently working ten hours a week.

Been married for 18 years, 2 kids age 10 and 6 and its been almost a year since he got laid off. He helps with what ever I ask him to do with the house chores but they are still my responsibility. My efforts to get him to go out, meet people, network have all fallen flat. I get no break from him, he is always there always there always there!

I actually felt better reading all these responses because i know I am not alone and I have a place to vent. So thank you for that and I hope we all see some light at the end of the tunnel. Ah guys! My husband lost his job 4 years ago and hasnt made much money since then. I had my 1st car at 23 yrs, now at 30 Im back using public transport mini bus taxis. He doesnt cheat, is a gud father and all but guys im tired of being broke. I cant remember the last time we went out to dine together. We used to host our friends but cant anymore, we cant go away on weekends, we do nothing.

Surely we cant survive on just love and fresh air. He refuses to look for a job coz he says he believes in what he does and all he needs is my support. Ive been suffering from all stress related illnesses u can imagine. By the way, we no longer have medical aid and our state facilities are not that great. Whereas my Mercedes car is driven by my husband. Did i mention i have to pay for its instalment, the insurance and gas? Whats yo take on my situation? He has failed us as his family.

A man should provide for his family. Thats what i believe. He says hes doing what hes doing for us and that we should be patient… Its been 4 yrs, 4 yrs….. Ive been nothing but a gud and supporting wife for 4 yrs to a man trying to sell Gold, diamonds, oil and gas etc that he doesnt own to people he doesnt know. Really guys, really! Oh this man……. We still have sex but even that is not so great anymore.

Hi My husband has been unemployed for two years. I am finding it increasingly hard, dark and lonely. In fact it grinds you down becoming very dark and lonely. I have tears streaming down my face as I write this. Too often you try to put it aside and surpress it. That becomes much harder with time. It is lonely and very isolating and sole destroying. It has tested our relationship to the limit. I just wonder how it will l end. Not even temp work. He could try to do consulting work, he can do freelance work on fiverr or odesk. He can also just volunteer to fill these gaps in employment history.

That would make him more marketable. Same here you guys — been fed up for a while, now just accepting that there is no future here and take it day by day. I work at home as a medical transcription. This has always been an unpredictable paycheck, but I work very hard to make somewhat of a decent living. He owned a small carpet cleaning company and did okay with this the first 10 years of our marriage while i worked part-time and raised the babies.

I give up. It is what it is. His mom has money, and he can grovel to her as much as he wants for all I care. He deserves it. Oh yeah, I work at home on the computer all day. He is here Every Day. All the time. Constantly wanting to make long boring repetitive conversation.

Never money do anything special.

Sick of it. Sick of his business. Probably would leave if I could. He surfs on the net all day for the SAME stupid stuff all the time, never even looks at jobs. He is here all the time. I am SO sick of the boring dull house talk all the time. He had 2 jobs last week, none this week, 1 next week.

Why all of comments are telling sad stories. I call BS. I laugh at that because it really stinks of manipulation. Anyone who says this to you the SOLE PERSON who is supporting the roof over their head and paying the bills for them to screw around online is trying to manipulate you and your feelings. Trying to make you feel bad before you have enough time to think about that statement.

I can never find enough articles for the partner of the unemployed to cope. My last straw plan is just to explain what I need and see where it goes. Good luck to those of you still dealing with this issue, I hope you get beyond it in the most healthy way possible! And here I continue to stay. I love him dearly as he has been so kind to me, understanding and supportive…. Like no one else! Has helped to care for my dying Mom may she RIP and with my Dad when he had surgery 2x this past year.

Oh just get a massage, pamper myself and all will be better. Get a job…. This is not where I expected to be at Or, find someone else to mooch off of. I could have boosted my business with that money and doubled it even more. We both are trying to get it together. He started school up recently and I am working as a waitress and going to college as well. But now, without the little extra help, I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

We bicker like never before. We are living in his parents house which is a blessing. But I need to see some progress here. I supported him for a year in the old place. I was on the lease, had lived there alone for 2 years, but I met him and he needed help with somewhere to crash while he looked for a job. I said yes because I thought it would only be a few weeks, few months tops. But, I felt sorry for him and people helped me when I was finishing off my doctorate, so I figured it was my turn to pay the world back, in a way.

Anyways, he finally, after 18 months gets a part time job at a local store and we break up. In fact, during one argument previous he said that as soon as he got a job we would break up. Within a week of breaking up he was chatting with a girl on okcupid and then 3 weeks later they were in love. He will go and stay in hotels with her once a week, she pays. Apparently she lives with her parents, so they have to hang out in motels and hotels. So I am trapped. He has started paying a third of the rent, but it comes in drips and I often have to ask multiple times.

Yet despite paying a third of the rent and none of the bills, on his days off he will just play online and just wear boxer shorts. I am constantly tired for work and constantly having to get up in the night to ask him to turn the youtube videos he watches etc. He will use the microwave etc. He keeps leaving the front door unlocked. Who knows.

But after reading your stories I saw a pattern. There is a difference between a person being unemployed and genuinely seeking employment and a person who has the character where they are willing to financially abuse another. I went through unemployment myself when I finished my doctorate. I was over qualified etc. It can cause depression.

But what I see described here is a sort of financial abuse almost. If i were you i would talk to the leasing company or the apartment manager. Yes, you signed a lease. See if you can get out of it and find a more affordable living situation without being stuck supporting a bum who is unfaithful to you. And him financially and emotionally abusing you. You are lucky you are not married to him. Please get out while you still can. It was kind of a weird turn of events:. His company noticed that, despite his willingness to work overtime, he had never taken a vacation.

So, my husband booked two weeks straight off. No problem for me, I keep working. My worst fears confirmed, that never happened. So, that was about 3 months ago. I was so happy we had financial breathing room, and then he ate away at it. So, I drive him, he stays in a hotel, and gets the cheque later.

I go to work every day, and am increasingly stressed out. I feel like I have no one to talk to, so I am looking for a therapist or something, thank goodness for benefits. Be supportive, your husband will come through as he always does…but each day that goes by and he needs money to even get to interviews? Resentment is a bitch! My boyfriend moved in with me back in ; has held a bunch of jobs for not much more than 90 days. Most of his days are spent in the recliner watching TV crime shows. I gave him money to take the cat to the vet and he used it to gamble.

I gave him money to get his drivers license and he used it to gamble in gas station slot machines. When he goes for a job interview, he insists that he should get to drive my car because it will look better. Some days I just want to pack him up and move him out. My boyfriend and me have been together a little over a year. We found out I was pregnant 4 months ago I was a cocktail waitress so I recently had to quit I feel bad bc he has to pay all of my bills. I am scared he will get tired of it and leave me. I glad that I found this site. At least it lets me know they there are other women who are going through the same thing.

I still feel like a fool every day though! Then a 3 month temp job that ended with ….. Since then he works intermittently with his brother. A few hundred dollars a month …maybe sometimes! Every day that this goes on longer I have a harder time holding my tongue. Basically no money to live here with me or move anywhere else! When things get critical financially he asks his sick mother for money and she sends it. This Really gets me angry. I am in a similar situation.